G&G aluminium front doors offer you perfect burglary protection in attractive design. Standard 5-point locking from renowned manufacturer Maico renders these front doors burglary-proof. Countless front door models are available. Colours, handles and glazing can be designed exactly according to your door ideas. The inside of the entrance door features a multi-layer plate setup which ensures best thermal insulation and high sound protection.
Of course, aluminium front doors can be equipped with finger scanner, keypad (code keyboard) or further security systems.
With a UD-value up of up approx. 0.87 W/(m²·K), Rever-Al classic, design e Hp doors feature good thermal insulation.
Most Rever-Al classic, design e Hp styles are optionally available with RC 2 security equipment to make you feel even more secure in your own four walls.
Choose your favourite of many attractive styles and customise it with one of our 28 preferred colours.