The sash and frame node are made up of 3 modules with double thermal break. Sealing system with two EPDM gaskets, one external positioned on the frame, plus an additional internal gasket on the sash stop. Sash profiles section depth 75 mm and height 70 mm with air 12 mm and stop 20 mm, frame depth 75 mm and height 50 mm.
The two or three-opening windows have sashes of the same width by using the upright as the central stop.
The doors can be fully opened up to 180° for a better aesthetic result and a simple and quick cleaning.

Internal drip tray in the external aluminium profiles.

The windows and doors must be CE marked and comply with the European standard EN14351-1:2006.
The frames supplied will be made in such a way as to withstand wind pressure, and taking into account the horizontal and vertical loads according to the following standards: EN12211, EN13049, EN14609, EN948, EN14608, EN12046-1, EN1026, EN1027

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