Lifting sliding door

Our challenge is to create innovation in contemporary architecture trends and achieve it with superior quality. With this goal G&G has developed the ReverSlide system that combines a sense of lightness and spaciousness to allow you to realize your dream of an open way of living. The handling of the ReverSlide system complete with lowered threshold will further improve comfort. Looking at the large glass surfaces you have the feeling of an infinite space, without limits. The large sliding lift doors are designed to observe the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you; the minimal frame makes everything even more truthful: it eliminates the contours and makes you scrutinize every detail that is found outside. The ReverSlide system is #ForagreenWorld. The large glass surfaces allow more light to enter your rooms. The triple-glazed structure guarantees excellent thermal insulation even on days when the sky is covered with gray clouds and the cold wind hits your home. All this to respect the environment and your wallet.

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