Viale Villa Neviera

Villa Neviera

The History

Villa Neviera is a historic castle in which the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele III took refuge in 1943. Its construction dates back to the end of the 19th century and is surrounded by 18 hectares of land including: 5 of arable land, 5 of Leccino olive groves and 8 of wood belonging to the Oritana Forest. Since 2020 it has been owned by Cantine Due Palme.

The Project

The renovation of the glazed structures such as windows and French windows was immediately complex.

The design orientation aimed at a restoration and conservative rehabilitation intervention, respecting the origin of the system and enhancing the potential that it hid, hence the choice of finding a window product with classic lines, with minimal dimensions and totally in wood. . Architectural needs that have found their synthesis in the minimal Rever One frame.

The Rever One Product

The Rever One minimal frame is a highly innovative product that allows to satisfy not only the architectural needs but also the technical ones, ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation and excellent resistance to water and wind.

Rever One

The load-bearing structure of the window consists of a central aluminum core on which an internal and external wooden cladding is applied. The wood used is an American ash, the surface has been brushed and matt black lacquered with a 3D effect giving the feeling of the past.

The Spaces

The rooms inside the castle have retained their classic touch, also thanks to the minimal Rever One frame.

The Dining Room
The Living Room
The Suite
The Bedrooms
The Exteriors
The Details